So I am sitting on my Lovesac watching the telly and I glance across to my desk. My monitors are still on and the one on the left is showing an article from the Sydney Morning Herald (it's my dirty little secret and where I go to get all my click-bait reading).

I then notice the flickering in the bottom left corner of Chrome and it's a continuous stream of xhr requests (for the non technical my browser is essentially having a conversation with someone). WTF! Have I been hacked? Has some malware made it's way on to my computer?

I started to dig a little deeper and narrowed it down to an ad running on that page of the SMH. Using the Chrome Dev tools I removed all the content from the page and just left the ad sitting there and watched it for a few minutes

And when I say I watched it I don't mean I watched the ad, I watched what the ad was doing and it was eating my bandwidth and sending 1000's of messages to various different urls one of which led me to this company StreamRail

In the course of 15 minutes that ad had devoured 18MB of my bandwidth. Walk away from your computer for a day and forget to close your browser and you can kiss goodbye to 1.92GB

Now considering it's only showing the same thing over and over again what a monumental waste of bandwidth that is. I mean come on StreamRail how inefficient is that? Why does your ad need to makes 4007 requests in 15 minutes?

Just seems like a lot of noise to me.

So now I use AdBlock. It's a Chrome plugin and it's free although the developers ask for a donation for their efforts. I will be donating.